Assistant Professor of Finance

Darla Moore School of Business

University of South Carolina

1014 Greene St, Columbia, South Carolina 29208

Research Interests

Financial Intermediaries, Financial Institutions

Empirical Asset Pricing

ESG Finance

Email: ai.he[at]

Working Papers

The Rising Tide Lifts Some Interest Rates: Climate Change, Natural Disasters, and Loan Pricing

(with Ricardo Correa, Christoph Herpfer, and Ugur Lel ) New draft coming soon

2021 MFA, 2020 Boca Corporate Finance and Governance Conference, Paris December Finance Meeting, Shanghai-Edinburgh Green Finance Conference

  • Boca Corporate Finance and Governance Conference Best Paper Award , 2020

Spillovers of Natural Disaster Strikes through Bank-Firm Networks: Loan- and Firm-Level Evidence of Financial Constraints

2019 AFBC, CICF, MFA, Paris December Finance Meeting; 2018 SEC Doctoral Student Symposium

(with Dashan Huang and Guofu Zhou )

2020 AFA, CIRF; 2019 CQA, Melbourne Asset Pricing Meeting, CICF; 2018 Conference on Financial Predictability and Data Science

  • Winner of Chicago Quantitative Alliance Academic Competition (3rd place) , 2019

  • CIRF/CFRI Best Paper Award , 2020

(with Yufeng Han, David Rapach, and Guofu Zhou )

2019 AFA; 2018 International Symposium on Forecasting

AFA Poster | European Central Bank Presentation

2018 AFA Phd Poster Session, European Central Bank Money Markets Workshop; 2017 NFA, LBS Transatlantic Doctoral Conference, FMA, European Money and Finance Forum Colloquium & Bank of Finland Conference; 2016 AFBC PhD Forum & Main Conference

  • FMA Semi-finalist of the Best Paper in Markets & Institutions, 2017

  • AFBC Best Ph.D. Paper Award (3rd place) , 2016